Monday, May 21, 2012

Off To See The World

I feel I need to explain that she isn't strapped in because we were parked at the time. 
My semester ended two weeks ago. As soon as I was done with my last final we headed off on a road trip! We've actually been on several road trips with Amelia, including going to Arkansas to see my youngest sister graduate when Amelia was just 3 months but this is the first trip we've taken since she has been mobile. Not only that but it was going to be at least one day of 9-10 hours either way. It turns out my child is a traveling champ! She didn't have any major meltdowns and slept most of the trip. When she wasn't sleeping she danced to the music on the radio, read books and "talked" with me. 

The reason we were taking this road trip was to spend time with my oldest friend, Laura, and her family. They have 3 kiddos, Dylan, Siena, and Thalia. It is quite the household. We are definitely not used to that much noise but it was a great time! We mostly just hung out at their house but did take a day trip to Estes Park. Amelia would have been happier if she could have walked around instead of riding in the stroller. Would I be a horrible mom if I got one of those backpack leashes? She just doesn't want to hold my hand and I am at a loss for a better way to keep a hold of her but let her have some independence. 

We were super sad to leave (I almost cried), but on the way home we had a bit of an adventure. We took our time and stopped at The Garden of the Gods. This detour was so worth it! The rock formations are beautiful. Amelia got to have a break from sitting in the car and best of all, it was free. We will definitely hit it up next time we go. I hope that we can make it an every other year or so trip because I miss the Hernandez family something fierce. 

Tomorrow I start my internship (I did find one!). I will be working at Holley's Window Fashions in College Station. I am really excited because I think I am really going to enjoy it. Well, actually I am determined to. Since I am not getting paid I am determined not to regret spending my time that way. I doubt it will be a problem. Mrs. Holley is a super nice lady that my grandmother actually used to work for a long time ago. Plus, I am excited to get a look at the business and manufacturing side of this industry. Wish me luck! 


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