Monday, November 29, 2010

Thankful for a Break...

This past week has been wonderful. I made a reckless but I think ultimately wise decision last Friday that the week of Thanksgiving I was not going to think about school. I didn’t go to class Monday (I didn’t miss much, I checked with a friend) and I didn’t work on any homework (nothing was due right away). It was just nice to get to enjoy time with friends and family. I also finally got sometime to really enjoy being pregnant. I was surround all week but people who are as excited as I am that Baby D is coming. My sisters in particular were willing to indulge in non-stop baby talk and even a little shopping. It was so great to actually get to think about this miracle that is happening inside of me instead of what chores have to be done, what bills need to be paid and how much time I have until that project deadline.

Baby D has also been extremely active this last week, which only added to the fun as everyone got to touch my stomach and get introduced to the little person I have been feeling for a few weeks. I have confirmed that this girl does not liked to be pushed around. When my mom tried to feel her as she pushed out on my stomach she retreated and when Curtis pushed on her too much for her taste she kicked me the hardest she ever has. I like to have these little glimpses of her personality. It’s sometimes hard to interpret her activity but it’s like pieces to a puzzle that I am just beginning to put together, which I have a lifetime to complete. 

I am now back in the grind of things, thank you Monday morning, but I am hoping to get back to enjoying baby time once school is done for the semester. I am trying not to panic when I think that there is only two weeks left to get everything done. I hope that I will be able to post more often and more thoughtfully after Dec. 13th. So, far this blog isn't quite what I want it to be but I hope it will be soon. 

Progress Report

How far along? 24 weeks and 5 days.
Total weight gain/loss: We don't own a scale so I haven't been keeping track.
Maternity clothes? My tops are starting to get tight and Curtis teased me the other day b/c my tummy was sticking out the bottom of my coat. So, some shopping maybe in order.
Stretch Marks? She is definitely helping me with the stretching part but still no marks as of yet.
Sleep: It is getting more uncomfortable. I have been using an extra pillow to put between my legs but I think a body pillow will be needed soon.
Best Moment This Week: feeling her kick/punch on both sides of my stomach at the same time. I decided she was dancing.
Movement: She is a busy bee but likes to keep quiet if I am moving around a lot.
Gender: She is a girl! :D
Food Cravings: None this week, but Thanksgiving lunch and dinner sure was delicious.
What I miss: Getting out of bed normally. I have to turn on my side and kind of roll off now. Apparently ab muscles don’t work when they stretch out.
What I am looking forward to:  School being out. The next two weeks are going to be crazy!
Belly button in or out? It is still in but it won’t be long before it is out.
Weekly Wisdom: One step at a time. :)

Friday, November 26, 2010

Week 24 Doctor's Visit

Tuesday was a rather stressful day with my doctor's appointment overlapping my shift at work. I went into work at 8 and then took a "long" lunch for my appointment. Curtis totally forgot about our appointment and wasn't ready to go when I arrived to pick him up. I was so worried about being late I forgot to grab the pregnancy yoga book my sister loaned me. I wanted to get the Doctor's approval before starting any new exercises/stretches. I guess it will have to wait until next visit...
Anyways, on to the good part, it is official Baby D is a girl. The nurse had no problems getting between those legs this time. ;) I even have two pictures with her girly parts circled to embarrass her later in life. Oh the fun of being a parent! The best news is that she is perfectly healthy and the Doctor is very happy with my weight gain, which I have mentioned has been minimal.
We go in next month for our last monthly visit before we start going every two weeks. I will have my glucose test and our 3rd trimester ultrasound. I can't believe we are almost in the third trimester. Before I know it she will be here and I will have no life. J/k. It does seem to be going by fast. December break will be spent getting the house baby ready. I am really looking forward to it. My nesting instincts are really kicking in, or maybe that is just the interior designer in me...

Friday, November 19, 2010

Something New

I have to confess I am stealing this clever little update from a fellow blogger. I just recently started following You Plus Me Is Three on tumblr and I think this little form is the perfect solution to my lazy blogging. I am hoping it will help keep me focused and maybe motivated to update more. So, here it goes...

How far along? 23 weeks and 2 days.
Total weight gain/loss: We don't own a scale so I haven't been keeping track.
Maternity clothes? I am wearing the maternity pants I bought from Old Navy almost exclusively, but I still fit into most of my tops.
Stretch Marks? None as of yet. I'm still pretty small, but I am glad to say I look pregnant now. :)
Sleep: Not that good. I do sleep at night but it's not very deep. I wake up almost as tired as I am when I close my eyes the night before and that is usually 8-9 hours ago.
Best Moment This Week: Curtis finally feeling Baby D kick. :)
Movement: Baby D is very active for the most part but definitely has his/her quiet time.
Gender: We still don't know for certain, but we have another ultrasound Tuesday (11/23.) I plan to get moving around early and to drink a glass of ice tea before I go. The last time I drank ice tea (and only time since getting pregnant) Baby D was doing cartwheels all afternoon.
Food Cravings: Cupcakes, always.
What I miss: being able to tie my shoes easily. I can still do it but it takes some maneuvering. I have a feeling my slip on Vans may become my go-to shoes later on.
What I am looking forward to: Seeing Baby D again on Tuesday. I really don't care if we still don't find out the gender I could watch this kiddo for hours (and probably will once s/he is born).
Belly button in or out? still in
Weekly Wisdom: Stop wondering why you are so tired all the time. You are growing a human being for goodness sake!


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sleep? What's that?

At least that is how I have felt the last week. I can now really feel this kiddo moving and the bad news is it's almost all the time, but I'm not sure if that is why I'm getting horrible sleep. I lay down every night and go to "sleep" but when I wake up I feel like I haven't slept at all. It's very possible it maybe stress from school and other related issues. It's just that feeling like a zombie is getting very old. I haven't had any hormonal freak outs yet since I've been pregnant but if this continues I can easily see that happening.  Oh well, just wanted to whine a bit. Thanks for indulging me.

- Nic

Monday, November 8, 2010

Friday, November 5, 2010

Etsy Find Friday

You all know I have a thing for rompers and in particular sailor inspired rompers. So, since we are 70% sure Baby D is a girl my dreams of sailor rompers have been dashed. Or so I thought. A lovely friend of mine mentioned she had seen a girls sailor romper online somewhere and then last night when I was wandering around Etsy I came across this amazing romper at Miskabelly.

I want it so bad. Plus, Curtis won't care what I dress our little girl in. He only has (strong) opinions about boys attire. :) It's a win win! I just hope someone else doesn't snatch it up before we find out Baby D's gender for certain.

Pretty Colors

I love love LOVE this nursery featured over at Spearmint Baby. I read an article recently about how exposing your child to different types of textiles (blankets) helps them develop their sense of touch. So, I have been obsessed with crocheted or knitted blankets lately. I actually made a baby blanket a year or so ago for my Etsy shop but couldn't bare to part with it once it was done. My sister also has plans to work on a blanket for Baby D. The one in the picture above is so fun and playful! The colors are gorgeous. I found this adorable crocheted Granny square blanket at sunshinegirl37’s shop. I think it would make an great Christmas gift (wink, wink.)

Custom Granny Squares Afghan

Monday, November 1, 2010

Music Lessons

 Since Baby D is now able to pick up on sounds going on around us it's made me start thinking about the things I listen to, mainly music. I have a wide range of musical taste. I like music from all decades, most genres and if I can sing a long I am hooked. The one thing I don't really consider much when it comes to music is lyrics. For me whether I like a song has more to do with a great beat and catchy melody than the words of the song, but the other day I started really listening to the lyrics of the music on the Top 40 radio station I usually listen to. Yikes! I can't believe some of the things I have been sing a long to. Since then I have been kind of making an on going list in my head of bands/artisits I will no longer listen to once Baby D arrives. The funny thing to me is that most of these artists are contemporary. A lot of the stuff I grew up listening to passes the test, but I think the reason for that is because it seems tame to what is currently popular. I have a feeling I will be listening to a lot of Beatles, Beach Boys and Ann Murray in the future. Which doesn't disappoint me one bit because the thought of Baby D singing about wanting to take a ride on a "disco stick" is totally terrifying.

p.s. Today on the way to school an MJ song came on the radio and Baby D suddenly got very active. I'm just not sure if it was out of appreciation or complaint...


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