Wednesday, January 2, 2013

An around the world tree...

Last year I decided I liked the idea of an around the world tree. So, I asked friends and family from all over the country and world if they would consider sending us an ornament from where they live. I had a lot of people get us something and this year we had a lot of fun pulling them out of the storage boxes and talking about who and where the ornaments come from. I am not sure how much Amelia understood this year but I look forward to the future when we can maybe get a map out and point out all the places. This past summer we even picked up an ornament while in Colorado, but since we loved this summer I can't find where I put it. A little disappointing but there is always next year. :)
A star from my cousin in The Philippines.

A rabbit (the year Amelia was born) from a friend living in Taiwan

A snowman ornament I picked up last year on the day after Christmas. 

One of the ornaments we inherited from My Great Grandmother and Gigi.

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