Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Case of Mommy Guilt

As I was nursing Mia last night Curtis asked me if anyone had told me she was going to eat this often. The answer is yes but I didn't believe them. When my mother told me that it seemed like all she did some days was nurse me I took her at her wording. It just seemed that way. I have discovered that it probably seemed that way because she literally was nursing me all day as I have done on and off for the last week with this child.
I am really commited to nursing. I really believe that it is the best thing for Mia but with school and then heading back to work I have come to the conclusion we are going to have to supplement with formula.
This was a hard decision for me. We have done so well nursing since I have been home but in the last two weeks she has nursed so often I haven't had an opportunity to pump.
The decision to give her formula made me feel a little like a failure at first. I had to realize that what makes a good mommy is flexibility and compromise.
She is still getting breast milk when she is with me and formula is not bad for her. Still it's hard to not let the guilt get to me. I think that is what I wasn't prepared for.


  1. guilt....welcome to motherhood!

  2. Does it get easier as they get older? Or worse?

  3. Don't worry. If the guilt wasn't over breastfeeding, it would be something else.


    ALWAYS remember that God gave her TO YOU. That means He has entrusted one of HIS precious souls to your keeping. You are a great mom. The BEST one for Mia.



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