Friday, April 8, 2011

Where's the party at???

Several people have asked me lately if Mia is a good baby. I haven't really been sure how to answer this. What is a good baby? I assume they are asking if she keeps us up all night and if she is fussy all the time. For the most part the answer is no. She sleeps pretty well from midnight until 5am. That is mostly our fault because we have not set her on much of a routine. I am planning on working on that but I am still trying to figure out what a realistic routine will include.  She hasn't been much of a fussy baby really until this past week. For the most part she has only cried if she needed something which has been mostly 3 things: food, diaper change, or to sit up and see everything. When she is not eating or sleeping she is a very curious baby and as her eye sight has developed she wants to spend more time sitting up.  

Although this week she has been fussy and crying for what appears to be no reason but I have a theory on this. These episodes of crankiness are always ended when she eventually cries herself to sleep. My theory is that my baby girl is so social she fights sleep. It's like she thinks she is going to miss something. As if we are going to have a party once she shuts her little eyes. Hence the title of this entry. She is partly right about this. If we could get her to sleep continuously through the night in her crib we probably would have a party.  :)


  1. midnight to 5? That IS a long time for a baby of her age to sleep. We would have loved to have 5 hours straight of sleep! :-)

  2. Really? I thought 5 hours was pretty good myself but people keep telling me about all these babies that have slept from 10-7 since the first week they came home. Although, I'd be worried she wasn't eating enough if she did that.



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