Friday, June 3, 2011

30 day Project

Remember this? Yikes!
This month I am challenging myself to get our house clean and organized. We recently decided that even though we would like more space we couldn't afford to more just yet. Even though we aren't moving I decided we need a change. I've come up with ideas for rearranging the future, and I want to deep clean (as if we were moving out) the house so it feels new. After three years, I haven't done to much with the place and I want it to be more put together and feel more like home. I also get tired of running around crazy picking up when someone unexpected shows up or it taking a whole day of cleaning to get this place presentable to have friends over. So, my deadline is July 1. I want to have each room cleaned, organized and as decorated as our budget allows. I will be taking before and after pictures and updating through out the month. I found a website to help me along, it's called Organized Home. They even have a 2011 New Year's Cleaning Challenge outline here. I am adapting it since I have a much smaller space than it's designed for. Would anyone out there like to join me? I'd love to have the support but just knowing people are following along would be great. :)

First up: The Kitchen
I actually have this almost done so I will post pictures probably Monday with a summary of what all I did. :)


  1. Ohhh, I SO need to do this. I think my pantry should be first!

  2. My pantry was actually where I started in my kitchen. It's amazing to me how many things that were in there that I just plain forgot about and had to throw out.



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