Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy Girl

I think Amelia is growing again, well she is always growing but maybe a growth spurt? She is sleeping so much and she has taken to solid food so well. She will practically attack the spoon even though she nursed just 20 minutes before. I know it sounds silly but I wish she wouldn't grow so fast. I know she has to grow up and I want her to. I just wish it would take a little longer, you know?

I have been wanting to get Amelia a bumbo seat since she was a couple of weeks old. She has never liked laying down. She has always wanted to be "up" looking around. So, I thought she would really like a chair that supports her while she sits straight up. I just didn't want to spend $35-45 on something she would probably out grow quickly. I was super excited to find a used on craigslist for $15. She loves it of course! I think I am going to invest in the little tray for it because she really likes to eat in it.

I am trying to get the house ready for a bridal shower I am hosting Friday. I am doing several diy type projects so I plan to post pictures eventually. I am also still working at my ultimate goal of getting the whole house clean and organized as well as keeping it up. I've found pinterest and I'm completely addicted. I've found so many great organizing solutions and print outs. It's great!

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