Sunday, July 3, 2011

Another new frontier...

It's been a couple of days since we started this whole solid foods thing. I have learned several things:

1. Solid Food poo diapers are a whole new game.
2. Sweet does not equal good.
3. High chairs are overrated.

It's been almost a week since we got the green light from our pediatrician to try solids. I wasn't completely convinced she was ready so instead of investing in all the "equipment" to make my own baby food we had a go with organic store bought. The choices were green beans, butternut squash, apples and bananas. I thought that if she like bananas it would be the easiest to make myself so we started with it. I also grabbed some rice cereal for good measure.

The bananas went over lukewarm. She surprised me by going for the spoon, but once it was in her mouth she started making faces and pushing it out. I won't lie I laughed, it was pretty cute. I tried the bananas two different times within the 1st day. When she reacted the same way the second time I thought, maybe she isn't ready yet.

I gave it a couple days and decided to try again. Instead of dragging out the big ol' high chair I just put her in her bouncer. It worked out a lot better. She seemed more comfortable. It won't work forever but right now while she is small it is perfect. It's really making me want to get a bumbo seat...

Anyways, this time we mixed up some formula and rice cereal and this went down like budder... She liked it so much she kept trying to direct the spoon back into her mouth even when it was empty and then would cry because there was no more. It's been two days and she has not gotten tired of it. She eat twice as much tonight as she did the first two times. So, I think we will stick with cereal for another couple of days and then try mixing some bananas in with the cereal.

The diapers are bad though, like seriously.

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