Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My New Dress

I have been itching to make something creative since the summer began. I just wanted to get the house in order first. I had planned June to be a month of cleaning followed by July as a month of creativity as a reward. The house isn't totally done, but I decided I still deserved a reward. So here it is! I made it more or less following this tutorial. It's a little sloppy but it's just my 1st attempt. I plan to make several more with pretty fabric and old tee shirts. I'm also thinking of changing the length on this one...but not sure yet. I used some 60" fabric I had laying around and didn't adjust it because I really like the flowers at the bottom of the print. Let me know what you think...should I make it shorter?


  1. Nope. Super cute just the way it is. Love your creativity. One more thing.... who has 60" fabric laying around????

  2. Leave it! I love the pattern on the fabric as ti is:)

  3. Kathy - I used to work in the fabric department at the store I still work at and I used to get 1st pick when the dollar fabric came in. So, I have a large and unusual stash. In fact I think my hubby was excited I finally used some of it. :)



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