Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dearest You,

Amelia Maria,
Your name has been a long time in the making. It all started when your Great-great-great-grandmother Essie Mae named your great-great grandmother (her 1st born) Loraine Marie. Loraine in turned named her first born, your great grandma (Gigi), Margie Marie. Then Gigi named your Grammi, also the first born Carrie Marie and finally your Grammi named me, Nicole Marie. So, you see little one your middle name is very special. You share it with four generations of beautiful, strong, inspiring (first born) women.

Everyone wants to give me credit for choosing your full name (apparently it just sounds like something I would choose), but I can't take it. Amelia was 100% your Daddy's idea and it just happened to be perfect. We brainstormed many names for you, well mostly I did, your Daddy just approved or denied. When it came to girl names he denied every suggestion I had. He is a evil master mind and he would come up with every bad nickname I hadn't thought of for all my suggestions. So, finally I told him to suggest one name, just one and we would hope I liked it. With barely a moments thought he said, "Amelia," and it was perfect.

Amelia Marie is a special name but I also know the great advantages of having a nickname. So, to those who love you, you will be our Mia. I have already started calling you by your name and so far you seem to approve. ;) I hope that continues for the rest of your life because as I said your name is very special, it is yours.  

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