Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mia's Christmas Wish List

I am only posting this by request. I have been telling anyone that asked that if you want to get Mia something for Christmas just check the registry but someone made the request that I think of a few things we want for Mia but don't necessarily need. So, here are a few things I'd like Mia to have (that she doesn't need.) Plus, these would be good gift ideas for any baby girl.

Cute hair accessories are a little girl must. This is my favorite design from Etsy seller ummashin. She has adorable hats and headbands for all ages. I love that the colors are so modern and trendy. It makes it easier to match to outfits. 

Have you seen anything so adorable??? I am in LOVE with these shoes. In general I think Baby shoes impractical for children not actually able to walk yet but when the shoes look like this how can you say no? You can find them here in many different colors, but I can't get enough of apple green.
I just think this Texas shaped teething toy is the bomb! Curtis and I are very proud to be from the Lone Star State and I just think this is such a cute (but not over the top) way to show that love. Little Sapling Toys has many different states in their collection so show a little pride in your own state, even if it's not Texas.
The Cloud B Gentle Giraffe - Travel Sound Machine. A few weeks back I came across this online, probably on one of the many blogs I follow but I fail to remember where exactly. That same week a customer that came into the store had one and I got a chance to ask her what she thought of it. She said she loved it and that it really helped sooth her daughter to sleep while they were out and about running errands. So, I have been wanting one ever since. The cheapest I have found it is Amazon.

I hope this little list helps out with Christmas shopping. :)

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