Wednesday, December 22, 2010

In the home stretch!

27 weeks and 6 days.

On Tuesday we had our first appointment of the third trimester. We are officially in the home stretch! I can't believe that in about 3 short little months Mia will be here. I feel like I know her already. She moves so much, almost constantly poking and prodding me. She "dances" to music with a strong beat and pushes back when she is pushed on. There have been some great moments of interaction with her Daddy, but I will save those stories for another entry.

This doctor's appointment was super early because I had to take the glucose test. I have heard people describe the substance you have to drink as flat orange soda but to me it was thicker than that. It was more like drinking several melted popsicles, mainly gross. It's also not the best thing on an empty stomach. I had to force myself to keep it down. After an hour of reading magazines and trying not to vomit, they pricked my finger, took my blood, and I was told I failed. I wasn't too surprised. I know several family members who had gestational diabetes. I was still a little disappointed. So far everything about my pregnancy has been great and this is the first snag. I have to go back after the new year for a longer 3 hour test, which is really what will determine if I do in fact have gestational diabetes. I am hoping this test will be positive. Curtis and I are going to start walking 30 minutes a day and I am going to cut out the few sugar rich foods I eat. This should help according to the doctor.

After the test we had our third trimester ultrasound, which I think should be the last unless something concerning happens. She was very cooperative for the technician and let her get all the measurements she needed. Even, though I lost weight (2 lbs) since last visit she is doing great. She is measuring a few days bigger than her due date and weighs 2lbs. 3 oz. I can hardly believe she is so big! It is such a blessing to know she is growing strong. The picture above was one of the best pictures we got to take home. It really is the sweetest face I have ever seen. I think she's got my nose, but I guess we will just have to wait and see.

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