Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Baby Time

The last few weeks since Thanksgiving have been full on stress. I haven't thought about anything but school. I've fallen behind on everything that was not necessary and now it's time to play catch up.  We have a month break between semesters this time round and that is such a relief to me. I've had so many people ask me how I am enjoying being pregnant and honestly I've hardly had time to think about it. At least not as deeply as I would like. I really want to take time to enjoy this experience over the next month. I have plans to super clean the house, and get the nursery in order. I want to get a chance to enjoy the holidays, next year it will all be different. It's so strange to think this is Curtis and my last Christmas and New Year just the two of us. Next year we will be a bonafide family. :)

Over the break I am also planning to update more often. Ultimately, once a day is my goal but with how busy we will be I am doubting that I will achieve it. Several times a week would make me happy though. Wish me luck and stay tuned! Lots of exciting things to come.

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