Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Amelia's First Halloween

What can I say? It rocked. She didn't just tolerate her duck costume she actually seemed to dig it. I don't usually get back from class until about 6pm on Mondays. This meant we would have to hustle if we were going to make it around town and to the in-laws (a forty-five minute drive one way.) So, we decided to have a Halloween weekend and trick or treat both Sunday and Monday night.

Our little technology fend!
I was so impressed that Amelia didn't complain once about her costume. We visited with Curtis' parents Sunday night and had an awesome steak dinner. On Monday I ended up home early from school. We ate dinner and relaxed a little before visiting our friends Rebekah and Edgar. Amelia crawled around the house and we chatted, while Rebekah handed out candy to other trick or treaters.

After about an hour we migrated over to Gigi's house. This is when the little duck decided she'd had enough. Our cranky duck finally gave up the fight with wakefulness and passed out on the ride home. I had originally planned to make Amelia's costume but around labor day Carter's had a 50% off sale and I couldn't resist that good of a deal. So, we will save the handmade costume for another year when she can remember (and pick out what she wants to be.)

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