Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Great Cloth Diapering Adventure: All the Way

I am thinking about going all the way, and converting to useable cloth wipes as well. My pail liners have arrived and we have been in the swing of things for a few days now. I feel like cloth wipes just make sense. It seems silly to have a cloth diaper pail and a trash can next to the changing table and a waste of space. So, as soon as I can afford it I am going to take the plunge. All cloth, all the time (well, except for maybe when other people watch her.)

I've been looking at brands and all the cloth diaper brands we use (fuzzi bunz, bum genius, and charlie banana) all make wipes too. The only thing is they are all kind of, well, boring. No color, just white. The designer in me just doesn't like that. I found these from Thirsties. I am at least going to buy one pack. The rest can be white, but I need at least a little color in my life.
What about you other cloth diapering mamas, do you use cloth wipes? If so what brand? I'd love suggestions. Also what about companion sprays? There seem to be so many choices.

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