Thursday, November 17, 2011

What I need to do today...

there is a super long list of things I have to do today. The list should go something like this:
  • clean kitchen, bedroom, and living room
  • make menu and shopping list
  • work on studio project (ALOT)
  • write Art History paper and work on presentation
  • wash clothes...this should probably be closer to the top
What my day will realistically look like:
  • stalk friends on Facebook 
  • play with Amelia
  • make lunch
  • take nap with Amelia
  • play with Amelia
  • cook dinner
  • start making a list of foods I want to make next week off my Pinterest board
  • get distracted and waste HOURS pinning and re-pinning things...
Does this ever happen to anyone else? I have all this time now and I feel like the more time I have the less I get done. 
Of course when I get to spend the day with this kid, can you blame me? 

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