Saturday, September 18, 2010

Baby Bums

I have realized in the last few months that I have much to learn about babies. Even, simple things like diapering your baby's bum are huge debates in the Mommy world and believe me everyone has an opinion. I have not "picked" a side but I have decided to at least attempt to use cloth diapers for our baby. Here are some facts that really made me think...

Fact: According to research, it can take between 250-500 YEARS for one disposable diaper to decompose.

Fact: On average a baby uses 8 diapers daily. That is 2920 diapers a year.

I bought diapers today at my local Wal-Mart for a friends baby shower. It cost me about $9 dollars for a pack of 36. Which according to the fact above means it will last for about 3 1/2 days. Which means you are spending an average of $18 a week. One bumGenius cost $17.95 retail and you only need about 18 diapers total for one child. So, within a matter of 4 1/2 months of disposable diapering you can cloth diaper your child from birth to potty training. I find that pretty impressive and everyone is trying to do what's better for the environment these days. So, I thought, why not?  I can stock up before the baby is born and I even found a website ( that allows you to make a gift registry that includes a large selection of cloth diapers.

I've also found, a cloth diapering community. The forums are very informative and encouraging. I found a woman with a similar schedule to mine but even more stressful since she is a single mom. She said that cloth diapering has been great for her as long as she sticks to her washing schedule. I was glad to find someone other than a stay-at-home mom who was managing it.

Curtis is less than enthusiastic about my choice but he can't really deal with poo anyway at this point. He also didn't really understand how it works. He has agreed to at least try since more than likely this responsibility will ultimately fall to me.

I did a little shopping at Spot's Corner the other day and found these adorable diapers. They are newborn size which means super tiny. I'm not sure how well they will work but I am going to give them a try. From everything I've read it's good to experiment with different kinds and brands to find what works for you. So, we will see.
Sorry for the super long post. I guess I just had a lot to get off my chest. I will say with cloth diapering you have to keep an open mind because now a days we're not talking about your mom's cloth diapers. These look and act like disposables and these are just one of the many many cloth options out there.


  1. So have you already made a registry?

  2. I have started one on both and I haven't added very much b/c we don't know the baby's gender. My main registry will probably be at Target. I plan to have the registries done by November so if people want to buy stuff at Christmas they will have ideas.

  3. You're already taking a step in the right direction when it comes to your baby.... Try what you want to try and do what works for you and your family. You will get lots of advice and lots of eye rolling on choices you make but you know what is best for you and your baby. No one else (not even grandma or gr.grandma, now that will get me in trouble! :-)



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