Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dearest You,

Well, it seems I was right in my prediction. I have to written as I intended. I have had time to get over the shock and I am now just excited. We have begun to tell people about you. All three of your aunts are very excited to meet you. I think your Auntie Hi is the most. She actually called me crying after receiving my text message about you. She is in Maine at summer camp for the month. She texted me just the other day that she bought you a stuffed moose toy. We also told Gigi (Grami's mommy) and she told Apo (Grami's daddy) since he is in the Philippines right now. Gigi said he called her twice this week asking if it was alright to tell your great aunt Shari and her family. He is obviously excited too. :)

It took us a whole week before we could see your Daddy's parent to tell them. Your Nana said she wasn't surprised since I have been sick lately and I didn't try any of the wine she brought back from her Texas wine country tour on 4th of July. Everyone is looking forward to meeting you little one, especially Daddy and I.

Your Daddy keeps teasing me by calling me "Myrtle" as in Fertile Myrtle. We weren't trying very long before I got pregnant. In fact, we weren't really trying at all, but we weren't weren't trying and it only took one month. I think it had more to do with God, than me.

I have been thinking lately of all the things I want to do with and show you. We are going to have such fun, the three of us. I would love to give you the world but I realize I have limitations but that doesn't mean I'm not going to try. I will tell you more later.

(July 21, 2010)

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