Saturday, January 22, 2011

8 months, wow.

Mia Monkey (nickname given by Auntie Rachel) has been just that this morning. She has been squirming and moving so much that I couldn't sleep in even though this is the first chance this week that I've had. I guess she is preparing me for the future. ;)

I had two doctors appointments back to back on Thursday this week. Since being put on the insulin shots my blood glucose test numbers have greatly improved so I will be continuing with them. It's gotten a lot easier to give them to myself. I think that I just needed to have my freak out and then accept that it is just something I have to do. It's become more of "let's just get this business over with." Well, except when I bruised myself and didn't realize it and then tried to stick myself with the needle on the bruise. That hurt but now I look in a mirror to see what I am doing, so it's easy-peasy. I think I actually struggle more with making sure I eat every 2 hrs. I think I am going to have to start setting myself an alarm, especially now since school has started.

My OB appointment went well also. Although, I lost another pound. Curtis makes jokes about it now. He told me the other day not to start thinking that pregnancy was a new weight lose program. The OB didn't seem surprised I guess because I am still adjusting to the new diabetes diet. My fundus height was correct and Mia's heartbeat was loud and strong. The most exciting part of the visit was when the ladies who handle the financial side of the doctors office told me that next visit will be our last payment. So, in two weeks Mia will be partially paid off. :)

I can definitely tell Mia is getting bigger even if I couldn't see it in the growth of my stomach. Her movements have changed. I no longer feel strong kicks or flip flops from her somersaults. She still moves all the time but now I can feel she is much more cramped. I can feel (and see!) her shift her weight from one side of my stomach to the other and poking out her feet and arms out like a baby wrapped tight in a blanket.  I enjoy these new movements, they are much more interactive.  You push on her and she pushes right back, but sometimes I miss the little kicks and flutterings.

Wow, this is quite an essay. I have much more to say but I'll save it for another day. I had only planned to do a quick update. Ha! We are having our first baby shower today. I will try and put up pictures and such tomorrow.

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  1. I'm so glad things are going well for you! Love you!



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