Sunday, January 16, 2011

Warning: Whining Ahead...

In 2-days the real world beings again (i.e. school starts for the semester). Even though I did accomplish a lot over this last month it's not nearly as much as I had hoped. I spent a lot of time with family and friends which I do not regret for one second because you really have to grab onto those opportunities since we are all so busy with our lives. It just meant that I spent less time cleaning and organizing. I was also hindered by the fact that I can't really lift much these days. So, even if I cleaned for several hours I'd eventually get stuck in my progress by the growing mound of trash/things to give away/resale/donate.

I am kind of freaking out now because with school starting, that basically means all cleaning/prep for Mia will stop. Unfortunately, my major is that time consuming and I have to stay ahead of the game in case Mia decides to come early. So, yeah. I am kind of panicking, but doing my best to take it all as it comes. My mom suggested she and a friend could come help me clean and I am seriously considering letting them. I might actually throw a "cleaning party" and provide food and beverages to whomever can come help me out. I think I can maintain the house if I could just get it back on track to start with. I just can't decide if I am comfortable having people help me in this way. Would you let your friends clean your house if they volunteered?

I'm also not sure I can get my husband to go along with this but seeing as it needs to get done and we certainly haven't made it happen I may not give him a choice.

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