Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Diaginostic Glucose Test Results: FAIL. blah.

I won't lie and say I am surprised. Gestational diabetes does run in my family, as well as adult on-set type 2 diabetes. So, my chances were not good to begin with. Plus, I admit I have done a horrible job eliminating soda from my diet. I did great the first trimester, but somewhere in the middle of the second I gave in and had one, and then two, and well you get the idea. So, now I have no choice in the matter.

Before I got pregnant I had been adjusting well to a gluten-free diet, in an effort to get some relief from my allergies. It was working. I was feeling better. Only, it was such a pain! I hated having to constantly think about what I ate. Then, I got pregnant and I craved pizza, bread, and pasta and I thought, what can it hurt to try it again? Surprisingly I have felt really good. I haven't had any of my old symptoms. I figured after Mia was born I would go back to the gluten-free life but I was looking forward to having a break for nine months.

So, when I failed the test I was discouraged at first. After reflecting on things this afternoon I realize that this could be a good thing. I am getting to see a dietitian and a diabetes specialist to educate and assist me in this adjustment. I will be learning how to eat healthy for diabetes which if I continue to follow once the pregnancy is over may help me avoid developing type 2 diabetes later in life. I am choosing to see this little set back as a blessing.

Other than failing the test the rest of my visit went great! Mia is growing along perfectly my Fundus height is right where it should be and her heartbeat was 151.  :) I will hopefully get a chance to update sometime tomorrow about how things go with the specialist, if not tomorrow Friday for sure.

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  1. :) On another positive note, I had GD badly with my daughter and so I've just kept to a good diet pretty well since and I actually didn't test positive for it with my son two years after being GD with number1....which may have been to my diet or crazy luck.... :)



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