Friday, January 28, 2011

Mia's Room (Sneak Peek!)

Mia's Room Currently...
I haven't made a lot of progress in getting this room together yet. The main problem is I have too much STUFF. Yeah, just stuff. I don't do anything with it. It's just there in case someday I do want to do something with it. Well, that's not totally fair. I do have a lot of craft supplies for my school projects, but the majority of stuff in this room are things I will more than likely never get around to using, especially now with Mia on the way.

Slowly I am getting rid of it, very slowly. I was proud of myself for putting up a note on facebook offering any fabric and yarn I have to my many crafty friends today. I am hoping this will help me get some of this stuff a new home where it will have a chance of being used. :) I am also hopefully getting rid of the desk in the corner and the twin bed very soon.

So, now about what I have done. I've decided on a completely different direction than I originally planned for the decor. It was mostly inspired by the idea of using things I already have and love. There is no real "theme" which I like better. It's less limiting. I have decided on a color scheme and I'm committed because Mia's GiGi is in the process of making her a baby blanket inspired by it.

The colors are red, aqua, yellow and little (teeny tiny) touches of pink. The majority of the furniture is going to be brown with the exception of Mia's changing table/ chest of drawers which is black/brown. Here are a few of the things that inspired me:

I still plan to use the letters that my friend Brittney made us and I am still debating whether the blue chair will stay in this room. It may find a new home in the living room and I may adopted my sisters wooden rocking chair. I have several fun ideas for wall decorations which will be cheap and easy but will give it that lived in feel I really want this room to have. I will post the final product once it's all done. I am hoping that won't be too long from now...

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  1. Good luck with getting it all done. I'm sure it will look great! I would love to see more pictures as the project progresses! Have fun!



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